Fear vs. Love

My mom once said something along these lines: ”All our thoughts and actions can be reduced down to either fear or love. And we should always try to choose love.”

That might have been the best piece of advice I’ve ever received. Letting go of fear and inviting love into my life made all the difference for me (see this post for details). Now, do I think fear is always wrong? No! We evolved to feel fear because some things in life are genuinely dangerous. Back then it was saber-toothed cats; now it’s climate change.

But evolution isn’t perfect. It made fear a little too fond of taking control. And WAY too good at it. Fear knows you, knows exactly what to say to make you ask for its protection. It can make completely non-threatening situations seem terrifying. It can create a million things for you to worry about, even though your life is going fine. Or it can latch on to a real problem and blow it way out of proportion. Fear is simply an expert at justifying its influence over you.

So even though in reality, fear might only be right about 5% of the time, we listen to it ALL the time. Some of us fear our own minds. Some fear the judgment of others. Some fear other skin colors and religions. And then we take that fear out on each other. Animosity spreads, and any actual problems are left unsolved.

My advice to anyone reading this is, to every now and then ask yourself: ”Am I doing x out of fear or love? If it’s fear, is it truly justified?” Because the future does hold some very real threats that warrant fear. But it also holds so many things that could be great if we dare to look at them with love. Let’s all do our best to tell them apart. 🙂

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