This Is HUGE (and I Need Your Help)

I am a long-time member of the wonderful international organization known as Avaaz. They can best be described as a people-powered initiative to turn the world into a better place for everyone, by fighting climate change, corruption, fascism and poverty wherever they find it. Earlier today, I received an e-mail from them with the subject line: “This is HUGE.” I opened it, and they weren’t exaggerating. As it turns out, only days from now, European leaders will meet to discuss the possibility of making Europe completely coal-free!

Naturally, I was excited. The coal industry kills tens of thousands of people every year through pollution, and many more still will die from its disastrous long-term effects on the climate. Coal kings like Uniper and RWE (both European) are suffocating the biosphere, and a revolution is way overdue. However, Avaaz clarified that the proposal is by no means approved yet, with some governments opposing it actively. We need people power to turn the tide towards 100% clean energy.

And that’s where you come in!

Clicking the image above will take you to a form on Avaaz’s website, where you can submit a message of support for the no-coal proposal. The organization will then forward it to various European leaders. It’s ridiculously simple; you don’t need to sign up for anything, or even know which leader you want to write to. And to make it even simpler, I’ve shared my own letter below for reference. You can alter it slightly (if you’re not European like me, you’ll have to change the wording in a few places), use it as inspiration, or copy it in its entirety – what matters is that our leaders’ inboxes are flooded today. Let’s show them that the public won’t accept their inaction in the face of this global threat! Take down coal!

Oh, and while you’re on there, do check out the rest of Avaaz’s website. They’re truly awesome 🙂


I write to you because you hold a position of power and influence within Europe. I urge you to use that power and influence to help build a safe and sustainable future. More specifically, I urge you to support the initiative to rid Europe of coal energy.

A coal-free Europe would set a global example and launch our continent into the future. It would improve the health of our entire population, greatly increase the appeal of European exports, and help save vital ecosystems. And most importantly, it would be a massive victory in the fight against irreversible climate change, and the harmful practices and ideologies that are bringing us ever closer to it. It also goes without saying that a measure to prevent an otherwise inevitable series of natural disasters would save us millions in the long run.

When I learned of the proposal to make our continent coal-free, I felt hope. This is exactly the kind of proactive European leadership we need if we are to counter the serious climate threat – the same kind that spawned the Paris agreement. However, this new proposal has a lot going against it: fossil fuel lobbyists, climate deniers, and the treacherous comfort of our old ways. As a concerned European, I thus felt it necessary to write to as many European leaders as possible and request that you stand by the planet and all life on it. The people of this continent have placed their trust in you. We look to you for guidance and safety in troubled times. And these times are very troubled – 77% of us fear a global climate disaster.

Please do what you can to soothe our fear. Please go coal-free.

Yours faithfully,


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