About me

Hello! I’m The Thinking SJW, and this is my blog! Let’s sort out some definitions before we continue.

‘SJW’ is short for Social Justice Warrior, a derogatory term for a person who sees racism, sexism, and other kinds of injustice wherever they go, and points it out to everyone in an obnoxious manner. SJWs are collectively ridiculed by the internet for being annoyingly assertive, easily offended, and overzealous believers in political correctness.

So, what is a thinking SJW? An oxymoron, some have said. I say it’s someone who holds most of the traditional SJW opinions, but always tempers them with reflection and analysis. I strongly believe in trigger warnings, gender-neutral language, and pointing out subtle racism in our entertainment – all that annoying stuff. But I always bring forth my arguments in a mild-mannered way, I always base them on sound reasoning, and I am always willing to debate.

I’m far from the only thinking SJW on the internet (though the somewhat cumbersome term was coined by me), but I think there needs to be more of us, considering the current state of things. I’m so tired of seeing the right and left tear each other to pieces in the YouTube comments and Facebook threads. Tired, and frankly worried, that the online antagonism keeps us from tackling the serious issues of our time.

Thus, this blog is my vain attempt to bring a tiny bit more kindness and thought to the internet. I’ll chiefly talk about societal issues, mental health and philosophy.

Oh, and lots of pop culture! So even if you can’t stand my liberal spiel, stick around for the occasional in-depth analysis of a Jurassic Park movie.

Trigger warning: I’ll be bringing up social inequality and its consequences in the majority of my posts. This includes abuse and prejudice related to gender, orientation, or ethnicity. Additional trigger warnings will be placed before posts that tackle especially severe forms of discrimination.